5 Viral Videos on the Future of Technology and Communication

5 Viral Videos on the Future of Technology and Communication

A lot of companies, organizations and even authors are making videos with the intention of “going viral” and grabbing the attention of large groups of people online. While viral is more an outcome than a strategy, people are embracing the concept of social video marketing and digital artists are making creative videos that are spreading like wildfire.

With the mobile industry growing so fast, there have been some exceptional viral videos that talk about the technological shift we are currently experiencing. The future of technology has never looked more exciting. The mobile lifestyle enabled by smartphones, tablets and laptops is already changing the way we live and work.

These are 5 of more exceptional viral videos that chronicle the future of mobile technology and how it is going to change our lifestyle.

By GetConnected Media.


“ADSO= Inovação e Competência. Mais que um fornecedor de serviços são parceiros estratégicos.” Filipe Silva – FAFstone

“Pela seriedade, profissionalismo e empenho! Sabe "vestir" a nossa camisola!” António Ressurreição



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