What is the one thing that you can do today and everyday that will make you the best at what you are doing? Find that one thing and do it. That's the essence of "The ONE Thing". It also addresses distractions, multitasking, and other issues that we deal with every day in the modern work place. I've found great inspiration from it.


Mindset - Carol Dweck

Something clicked regarding the growth mindset that set me on a roll like never before.


Brain Rules - John Medina

Medina does for neuroscience what Stephen Hawking did for astrophysics. The difference being most of us don't apply astrophysics on a daily basis, but we all use our brains. If I could have required one book for all my teachers and professors to read, it would have been this book. It explains how to communicate, how to learn, how to grow, how to sleep. So much of productivity is based on healthy brain chemistry and understanding how we can use our brains well instead of fighting them all the time.