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Want to know what latest trends in packaging design to look for in 2014?  Josefina Lascano, Senior Graphic Designer at Tridimage, gives us three samples of aesthetic trends and effective speech to consider in your upcoming packaging projects.

Design to inspire or get inspired to design? Packaging design cannot escape fashion trends. As in many categories, packaging is tempted to follow certain aesthetic parameters that aim to catch consumer’s attention and achieve an emotional connection with it.

Which are the latest aesthetic trends and what are they trying to communicate?

1. Freehand Fonts

This trend characterizes itself for its handwritten and carefully “untidy” fonts, which address to the consumer in a friendly and authentic tone.

Casual, informal and cool designs that look fresh and spontaneous. Decorative fonts and touching illustrations humanize the product and makes it look handmade. A graphic resource that was used only by few products focalized on a reduced group of consumers; today is gaining adepts and acceptation between consumers.

In an attempt to move away from massive and industrial products, these packaging designs align themselves with a tendency that appreciates origin along with handcraft products, opposite to the artificial imagery associated with industrial manufacture process.

Today, human is not only about warmth, it is also a sign of authenticity.

2. Hipsterism

Hipsterism is already a success in the main cities around the world. It began within a reduced group of people interested in an alternative lifestyle. A high-class selective group that combines fashion, technology and culture on the same level.

Hipster design brings elements from the past and merges them with contemporary language to achieve complicity with the consumer.

Young merging products are adopting this trend to dress up like a classic. Sophistication and intellectuality are revealed in packaging from an alternative perspective.

3. Resignifying The Product

This trend sets an integration between product and graphic elements in order to seek a playful approach to the product.

Flat graphic elements combine with 3D pictures to achieve an abstraction from reality that is both attractive and differentiating.

As a result, the product gains significance to strengthen its values, inviting the consumer to a different experience. Reality and fiction combine themselves resulting in a magical graphic solution.

These are just some of the many aesthetic trends we can find nowadays in packaging design worldwide. Each of them has singularities but they all converge in the seeking for differentiation and segmentation in a world of consumers demanding constant innovation.


About Josefina Lascano

Josefina Lascano is Senior Graphic Designer at Tridimage, a leading Latin American Branding and Structural & Graphic Package Design agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1995 Tridimage has been helping shape world-class brands by working close to their clients on award winning design solutions.




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