Best of Golf – Play at Home

Best of Golf – Play at Home

Golf is a sport with a lot of room for improvement. If the cold and the rain make it impossible for you to regularly play outside the solution is to have in your home or office a space to improve your game. Take some suggestions for training aids that will help you improve your game this or any other season.


No golfe temos sempre margem de progressão. Se o frio e a chuva o impossibilitam de jogar e treinar com regularidade a solução é ter em sua casa ou escritório um espaço para poder melhorar o seu jogo. Fique com algumas sugestões de objetos que o vão ajudar a melhorar o seu jogo nesta e em qualquer época do ano.


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#1 CALLAWAY ODYSSEY KICKBACK PUTTING CUP - Ball returner that kicks the ball back to you when activated. Great putting accessory that saves you bending to pick the ball out of a hole or retrieving it yourself. The Kickback Putt Cup can return your ball a minimum of 10 feet which is perfect for your long putt practice.


# 2 GOLF SWING TRAINER - Easy to use Swing Trainer. Encourages Correct Swing path. Promotes a repeating golf swing. Trains your golfing muscles. Can be used with irons or woods.


# 3 PUTT POCKET - This putting aid is ideal for teaching players to get the right read on the green. It also fits perfectly inside a standard golf hole, as it has a 2.75 inch opening. Take it with you to crowded practice greens, or use it within the comfort of your own home. Improves Breaking Putt Accuracy. Realistic Visual Cue. 2.75 Inch Opening. Horseshoe Shape


#4 NET - Target pockets perfect for honing your skills or challenging your friends.


#5 PGA TOUR SWING GRIP TRAINER FEATURES - Bad shots such as hooks, slices and even loss of distance can be caused as a result of an incorrect grip. With the moulded grip handle, when you place your hands on the club you will have the perfect grip. To improve your strength and swing, the heavy steel weight is designed to build the golf muscles and improve swing. Simple and easy to use. Pre bent shaft. For right handed golfers only.


#6 GOLF DRILL STIX - Have been made so that you are able to align the feet, hips and shoulders square on to the target. Put one just outside the golf ball and the other just in front of your feet, both pointing to the target and it will make all the difference to your golf game.


# 7 PUTTING TEMPO TRAINING AIDS - Fits any putter, simply attach at the bottom of the shaft and pull up for a secure fit. To start with place the ball on the larger cup and use the smaller cup later for even more refinement of your golf stroke. Start by taking smooth, steady strokes ensuring the ball stays on the tray and obtain the perfect tempo. For varying degrees of difficulty two different sized cup holders | Trains golfers to feel the perfect pace for both long and short putts | Helps eradicate the yips | Easily attaches to any the shaft of any putter.


# 8 EYELINE 360 MIRROR - When you set up to this mirror you will see yourself from club head to the top of your backswing without turning away from the ball. Learning new movements or making adjustments are quick and easy because you get instant visual feedback. Mark the mirror with the positions you want and get to work. The convex shape shows a full view of your swing and stroke. Place it in front of you or between your feet in your putting stroke. You will see all your alignments, positions, and movements. The newly redesigned stand is great for indoor or outdoor use.


# 9 MAT + BALL ALMOST GOLF - Practice virtually every lie of the golf course - great training aid that will improve your golf swing on any terrain. This training aid can be used anywhere that you can swing a golf club. It is great for anyone that wants to practice their shots and improve their golfing skills. The ball almostGOLF offers safe and fun off-course training. In the past you needed nets or a dedicated facility. Now all you need is less than 20yards and you can safely work on your game without the fear of denting cars or breaking anything.


# 10 PUTTING MAT - Great for practising your favourite sport at home - simply roll out the mat and grab your putter, complete with hazards. Roll up design.


# 11 IMPACT BAG TRAINER - Promotes consistent impact position for added distance | Encourages proper 'power lag' and flat wrist at impact | Develops correct muscle memory for a perfect swing.


#12 GOLFBAND – BODY FITNESS ALSO MATTERS - Is a golf specific training aid complete with exercises programmes, which is effective for developing and maintaining strength and flexibility in muscles important to golf. The Practice drills will improve your balance, stability and arm to body connection, for a more powerful, controlled and consistent swing. Not only are GolfBand exercises very effective at strengthening your golf specific muscles, its versatility is great for an entire workout.



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