Achieve Your Goals — Here’s Research That Can Help

Achieve Your Goals — Here’s Research That Can Help

1. Successful people do nine things differently than everyone else.

2. The rest of us hold ourselves back in five major ways.

3. But don’t stress! Just change the way you think about stress.

4. To spot new opportunities, imagine yourself in the future.

5. And act like a leader before you are one.

6. Decide what not to do in order to make time for the work that matters.

7. Keep meetings on track. Please.

8. Try not to make decisions when you’re nervous.

9. Money can actually buy happiness (if you give it away).

10. Give away your time while you’re at it.

11. Basically, be generous.

12. And say “thank you.”

13. Be quiet (sometimes).

14. Ask for feedback.

15. Pick the right battles to fight at work.

16. Don’t be too confident.

17. Challenge yourself with a growth mindset.

18. Go to sleep.

19. Seriously, go to sleep.

20. And go for a walk, too.

21. Remember: It’s really hard to change.

22. But it can be done.


by Gretchen Gavett and Sarah Green


“ADSO= Inovação e Competência. Mais que um fornecedor de serviços são parceiros estratégicos.” Filipe Silva – FAFstone

“Pela seriedade, profissionalismo e empenho! Sabe "vestir" a nossa camisola!” António Ressurreição



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